1 Day to Hollinger Park Gig / Fifth Artist Bio: Chris Aitken

Posted on July 30th, 2014   2 Comments

DSC_0064editLike a fine wine, just in time, a legend in his own mind – Chris Aitken! Yeah, you’re not going to a very balanced biography here, because I’m writing this myself. That would make it an autobiography. From the musical styles I write and perform (urban folk, Christian, Jazz, New Country, and Pop), you might not guess that my first love was …  glam rock! In 1972, I remember sitting on the floor of my friend’s house, listening to a freshly-minted copy of the 12″ LP, David Bowie’s, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. I didn’t rise (stiffly) until I had listened to all the songs on both sides of that record. I was so smitten with Rock ‘n’ Roll, that I announced to myself (and everyone I knew, shortly after) that I was going to be a musician – er, actually, a Rock Star, as it was not the rigours of learning an instrument that interested me – it was the lure of fantasy and celebrity. Fast forward 42 years and I’m still at it. I might still look like I’m trying to be a rock star, but really what I love now is songwriting (especially with others), performing music (especially with others), and teaching music. Devon and I set out not to record and play live – we were chiefly interested in getting our songs covered (recorded) by established artists. However, the game has changed since 1972. No longer can you just record your song with vocals and acoustic guitar on a cassette tape and expect a major label to take you seriously. Nowadays, you need to develop your sound until your recordings are radio-ready. So, developing your songs is developing your own artistry. To that end, Devon and I have been writing songs, recording songs, performing songs live, and reaching out to you. We are really looking forward to tomorrow’s gig at Hollinger Park pavilion. This is the first time we have rehearsed not just songs, but rehearsed a whole show, to make sure there’s never a dull moment. Bonus # 5 to you for coming to tomorrow’s gig at Hollinger Park pavilion (6:00 PM): See Devon laugh while Chris barks the words Teach an old dog new tricks in the song “Downtown Came Uptown”, sing-a-long to Chris’ novelty rocker “Mashed Potato Face”, and hear his song “Release Me” with a sparkling new second-guitar part played by Steven Alcock, fill in the City of Timmins survey for a chance to win a CD of Chris & Devon’s “Moon in Daylight” and the French version CD (“La lune en plein jour”) featuring local chanteuse Lee Ann Laporte. Whew! That’s, like, five bonuses. Oh yeah, and we’re giving away download cards for a free copy of Chris’ alt-folk song “Isolated Town (remix)”, for anyone who signs our guest book (with your email address) at the City of Timmins Welcome Table. We hope to see you there.