4 Days to Hollinger Park Gig … Second Artist Bio: Carolle Hunter

Posted on July 26th, 2014   No Comments

Carolle Hunter will share her authentic Bluegrass vocal and mandolin skills when she joins Chris & Devon Aitken for their third Hollinger Park pavilion appearance, this Wednesday evening, at 6:00 PM. Carolle has been studying and playing with Chris for nine years! When she started, her goal was to get good enough on her mandolin to play along with other musicians at the annual bluegrass festival she attends. Now she regularly plays and sings in her church, has performed solo and in a duo at Gibby’s Tavern for the past two St Patrick’s Days, and, yes, she plays at the bluegrass festival! She has a beautiful authentic Bluegrass voice¬†Carolle.3 – we always hear compliments about that gift, when we play live. Over the years, we have included Carolle in more and more songs, as we have found that although mandolin is not traditionally included in Rock and Pop, it works well in a wide variety of styles.

Bonus #2 to you for coming to this Wednesday’s performance at Hollinger Park pavilion: Enjoy Carolle’s mandolin playing on Chris’ novelty rocker, “Mashed Potato Face”.