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cover.12".back._NO EMPTY WORDS_.complete

This image will be the back cover of the 12″LP of our album _NO EMPTY WORDS_. The artwork has all gone to indiepool for final tweaking and proofing before the CDs and 12″LPs are manufactured.

We have a blog now at so we can keep you up-to-date on how the CDs, 12″LP records, PinUp Campaign, and Album Release Concert preparations are coming along.

Here’s our fist Fan Highlight: Benoit Duguay. I saw him today and he asked if the concert is in May. I said “Yes”. Then he lightheartedly complained, “That’s so far away”. That kind of enthusiasm is worth more than all the money in the world.

Speaking of money, our PinUp Campaign is going well, but there are still lots of Rewards (CD, 12″LP, T-shirt, concert tickets, and packages that bundle Rewards) left. Please go to our PinUp Campaign and support us, if you haven’t already.

To hear an audio clip of one of our songs on the upcoming album please go to our blog entry for 20-Mar-2016.

Talk to you soon,

Chris & Devon