Valentine’s Day at the Moneta / New Store!

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Hello, from Chris & Devon Aitken! We are playing this Saturday night (8:00), at the Moneta Pub & Grub at 331 Pine Street South, in Timmins. Of course, the theme will be be Love. So, come and enjoy some syrupy sweetness, served up by Chris, Devon, and our friend, Carolle Hunter. Everybody I’ve told, already knows this, but it bears repeating: The food at the Moneta is awesome – simple, home made, and affordable.

Our second news item is that the store is open at So, if you’ve missed any of our songs, please get them there.

See you at and Saturday night at the Moneta!

Chris & Devon



A Gig and a Brand-new Song

Posted on November 5th, 2014   No Comments

Hello F3 (Fans, Friends, and Family)!, We just made that up – cool, No? Two announcements: 1. Chris & Devon Aitken are playing with Carolle Hunter in Timmins at Moneta Bar & Grill (331 Pine St. S.) this Saturday night (8-Nov-2014) at 8:00. 2. We don’t want to leave you out-of-towners out of all the […]


Chris & Devon Aitken cover “Violin” (Amos Lee) as chosen by contest winner Mathew Guevarra

Posted on September 7th, 2014   2 Comments

Mathew Guevarra, the winner of the Best-Comment-About-Chris-&-Devon-Aitken¬≠’s-Music contest, chose this song for us to cover. Devon read a few online comments about this song, thought about it, and is leaning toward this interpretation: the songwriter feels God’s presence only through his own music, but he longs to feel His presence outside the “violin”. If you […]


Thank you for making our Hollinger Park performance a success!

Posted on August 2nd, 2014   1 Comment

      Devon and I would like to announce the winner of our “best comment” contest: Mathew Guevarra ! Mathew gets to pick the next song for Devon and I to do a video cover of. We started¬†this campaign a while back when we launched our website. We had a few positive comments – […]


1 Day to Hollinger Park Gig / Fifth Artist Bio: Chris Aitken

Posted on July 30th, 2014   2 Comments

Like a fine wine, just in time, a legend in his own mind – Chris Aitken! Yeah, you’re not going to a very balanced biography here, because I’m writing this myself. That would make it an autobiography. From the musical styles I write and perform (urban folk, Christian, Jazz, New Country, and Pop), you might […]


2 Days to Hollinger Park Gig / Fourth Artist Bio: Devon Aitken

Posted on July 29th, 2014   No Comments

Devon has been singing since … anyone can remember! Offered whatever type of lessons she wanted when she was little, she answered, “Singing”. Not really a surprise as she’d already had a head start singing for years in the bath, in her bedroom, and with her friends. Whenever and wherever. Of course, lessons with local […]


3 Days to Hollinger Park Gig / Third Artist Bio: Steven Alcock

Posted on July 28th, 2014   No Comments

This Wednesday at 6PM, Steven Alcock joins Chris & Devon Aitken again (for the third time) at the Timmins Summer Concert Series, at Hollinger Park pavilion. Steven Alcock is 19, and has been playing for seven years in all, six of those years with Chris at Shiny Pine Music (including his work with “The Authentics”). […]


4 Days to Hollinger Park Gig … Second Artist Bio: Carolle Hunter

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Carolle Hunter will share her authentic Bluegrass vocal and mandolin skills when she joins Chris & Devon Aitken for their third Hollinger Park pavilion appearance, this Wednesday evening, at 6:00 PM. Carolle has been studying and playing with Chris for nine years! When she started, her goal was to get good enough on her mandolin […]


7 Days to Hollinger Park Gig … First artist bio: Louis St-Jean

Posted on July 24th, 2014   No Comments

First (of 5) Artist Bio’s: Louis St-Jean Louis is joining us live for the first time! He’ll be bashing the drums for Chris & Devon Aitken, from 6PM to 7PM this Wednesday, 30-July-2014 at the Hollinger Park Pavilion (Timmins). Louis started singing when his friends pushed him into a singing competition in grade 8. After […]


Chris & Devon Aitken Website Launch, and Performance at Hollinger Park

Posted on July 10th, 2014   No Comments

Drumroll, please …. This is our official website launch! Social media like blogs, facebook and twitter are great, but they’ll never replace a real website. In this humble beginning we will use our website to inform you of exciting news. Eventually, it will have a store as well, to get our stuff out to you, […]

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