Chris & Devon Aitken email blast about upcoming crowdfunder to support Album Release Concert

Posted on January 26th, 2016   No Comments


Chris & Devon Aitken are making their first album. It will be released on CD and 12″ LP at their Album Release Concert this Spring. You can participate.

Of course, we would love some volunteers, but we will also have a modest budget (that is what the crowdfunder will be for). Here are the people we need …

  • Someone to video-record the event (we have a camera if you don’t)
  • Sound-person
  • Lighting-person
  • Ticket takers at the concert
  • Computer artist to make a poster for the concert
  • People to let us know of any Timmins events in May 2016 (so we don’t book our concert on those nights)
  • Photoshop artist to try to fix up the low-res photo that accompanies this email

Participating in the crowdfunder will be another way to get involved. You will be able to choose from a variety of contribution options to get gifts ranging from a humble download of the .mp3 album, to a robust package that will include the CD, 12″ LP, concert ticket, and the video (for our Toronto and stateside fans that may not be able to attend the concert).

If you know anyone that loves free music, live entertainment, and might like to get involved (or even just be kept in the loop), please send them to to subscribe to our mailing list, get a free song download, and receive the upcoming email blast launching the crowdfunder. You can also find us on

Don’t be shy – if you have a talent, let us know!

See you soon,

Chris & Devon Aitken