Christmas is coming … !

20020000or20030000-winter-devonlayingonguitarWell, the album release and concert was fulfilling … and exhausting! However, that was May, and this is December. We’re recharged and ready for Christmas. Before we tell you about our seasonal offerings, here is an update for those who purchased Rewards on the PinUp Campaign: Your DVD of the concert is coming soon. We now have a prototype DVD that plays in a computer, but we are improving on that by creating a DVD that will also play in your standalone DVD player.

Looking ahead  – but not very far – to Christmas, here is what we have for you, to entice you to purchase our Chris & Devon Aitken _NO EMPTY WORDS_ CDs, T-shirts, and LPs ….

  • CDs are still $15 each. That’s $5 less than the going rate for indie music. The first ten customers will get a free download card with each CD or T-shirt purchased, to get my song, “Isolated Town (Remix)”. Though this song was not put on our album, it is a favourite with our fans. We perform it live and it has been played on CBC Radio Morning North, and CFCJ 102.1 FM. It’s a poignant song – a musical love letter, really – about Chris’ experience living in Moosonee.
  • The first two customers that buy a T-shirt or CD, will also receive a “mystery gift”. It’s not big – it’s cute – a locally hand-made musical bauble – I won’t say any more – I think it will make you smile. Of course, you get the download card, as well.
  • Special stocking stuffer bulk CD price. Buy ten CDs for $60. That is an incredible price – in fact that is our ‘at cost’ price. We don’t want our stuff sitting in a box – we want it under your trees, and in your hands, cars, and stockings. These are great for last-minute gifts. Take a few with you on your Christmas rounds. That nice acquaintance that has something for you every Christmas and you have nothing for them? Well, this year you will have something to give.
  • T-shirts are still $20. That’s a great price as well, for a high-quality custom poly-cotton blend tee. Maximum comfort –  minimum shrink. Skoser Merch (South Porcupine) gave us an excellent per-shirt price, which we are passing on to you. In-stock unisex sizes are S, M, XL, and 2XL. These are available for Christmas. Size L can be ordered and would be delivered shortly after Christmas.
  • We have a limited number of 12” LPs. They are not for everybody – a pricier “boutique” item. You haven’t added anything to your old record collection in years? What could be cooler than having _NO EMPTY WORDS_ on a 12″ LP? For $50, you get the record, and we will throw in the CD and an “Isolated Town” download card. Luxury.

We can’t justify the expense of processing credit cards – and don’t want to pass that cost on to you, but we do have four options for you to make your payment of $15 (CD), $20 (T-shirt), $50 (12″ LP), or $60 (CD 10-pack) …

  1. PayPal or eTransfer funds to
  2. Mail or bring cheque (made out to ‘Shiny Pine Music’ or ‘Chris Aitken’) to 215 Toke St., Timmins P4N 6V3
  3. Call Chris at 705-268-6071 to arrange an informal exchange
  4. Digital download of Chris & Devon Aitken _NO EMPTY WORDS_ available at iTunes, CD Universe and Spotify

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year

Chris & Devon Aitken