Where Light meets deep · a little bit country and a little street · mostly charming, then suddenly disarming · from the lazy moon that won’t go down in day, to the eager sun that can’t wait to awaken, this is …
Chris & Devon Aitken

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Canadian Gothic“I’ve seen Chris & Devon live on many occasions. I’ve never been disappointed. They put on a great show. They truly appreciate their audience.” -Bill Greenberg

“omg woooooot! Good job guys!! 🙂 Wow! Good job Devon Aitken and Chris Aitken! This is awesome!” -Jamie Colquhoun

“I think Devon has an amazing voice, and Chris’s guitar skills are very impressive.” -Benoit Duguay

Chris fell in love with music at the age of twelve, after listening the entire _The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars_ album straight through. As soon as the record was over he resolved to become a musician. Then, he bravely (ham-fistedly?) wrote his first song – a syrupy, clingy ballad for a girl he liked.

Chris grew up in big cities but now lives in a small town in northern Canada. He loves lyrics steeped in word-play, candour, and hope. He wrote “Isolated Town” as an homage to a remote community he lived in.

Devon began singing … as early as anyone can remember! Although she was offered lessons on whichever instrument her heart desired, her voice has proven to be the truest expression of her musical passion.

Devon wrote a poem in elementary school, musing that the moon in daylight must be lost. Chris, fascinated by the metaphor, asked Devon if she would like to expand it into a song with him. She agreed. They both loved the process and the results, and have begun to put some serious energy into their songwriting collaboration.

Chris & Devon’s songs are infectiously singable, with elements of groove (funk, rap), New Country, Pop, and Rock. The lyrics are strong on story, with images that are charming and poignant, and touch on themes of faith, relationships, and discovery.

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Chris & Devon Aitken